Unpublished Papers

Unpublished Papers

"Philosophy and Her Children", review of Scott Soames, The World Philosophy Made"

Proofs corrected, to appear shortly.
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"Meditations on Second Philosophy: Anti-Nominalist Reflections on Maddy's Semi-Nominalism"

To appear in a Springer volume on Penelope Maddy, edited by Juliette Kennedy.
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"Existence and Constructibility in Geometry: Two Remarks and Three Questions"

A logician's footnote to a classical philosophy / history of mathematics paper by Jonathan Beere and Benjamin Morison. Recently submitted for publication.
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"Conversation" with Silvia De Toffoli

A garrulous, senescent half-logican/half-philosopher's largely autobiographical chat/rant about issues addressed in a more organized/restrained way in some of my publications. Supposed to appear in APhEx.
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Orphaned Papers (No Immediate Publication Plans)

"Parsons and the Structuralist View"

Written for a volume on Charles Parsons and his Mathematical Thought and Its Objects to be edited by O. Rechte (a project apparently now abandoned).
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"On a Challenge of Parsons"

A very short note on the development of arithmetic in set theory without infinity.
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"Reconciling Anti-Platonism and Anti-Nominalism in Philosophy of Mathematics"

Paper presented at a conference on Reconciling Nominalism and Platonism in Philosophy of Mathematics at Columbia University, spring 2016. (Submission solicited by the journal Disputatio, but I have heard nothing further about publication plans if any.)
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Review of Harold Noonan, Kripke and Naming and Necessity

Solicited by Review of Metaphysics and submitted, though for unexplained reasons never published.
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"Satan, Baalzebub, and Peter Geach"

From a conference talk of 2005, on Geach's notion of nominal essence, with a new section on Geach's notion of quasi-name.
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In Preparation

"What Is Rigor?"

with Silvia De Toffoli, a spin-off from our joint seminar "Rigor: Between Theory and Practice" fall semester 2021, intended for the "Open Problems" series of the journal APhEx. The work is being privately circulated by editors to experts for comment, but a postable version should be ready soon.

"Theories of Signification and the Non-Physicality of Reference"

A forthcoming talk for Hartry Field's 75th birthday event, spring 2022. It will not be written out and posted until after the event, but the (illustrated) hand-out is available for advance circulation and to a degree readable by itself.
To download the hand-out only in pdf format click here.

Further Publications

To download my curriculum vitae in doc format click here or to download in pdf format click here . Electronic files for most items since 1995, and hard-copy reprints of most the items before that date are available on request. (Be sure to indicate to what address you want it sent.) My e-mail address is: jburgess@princeton.edu

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