Computer Registration & Printer Setup

Documentation Description
host registration Princeton requires that all Wireless and Wired devices attached to its network be registered in something called the "Hostmaster Database." This document explains how to obtain your Ethernet (MAC) address which you should then pass along to technical support personnel who can perform this registration on your behalf.
network printing Instructions for adding network printers in Sociology, The Council of Humanities and the Society of Fellows

Data Processing

Documentation Description
xstata   Instructions for using Stata via remote Xsession to the 64-bit OIT Linux servers
socapps   Instructions for connecting to the SocApps Cloud Server

Documentation for the General Internet

Documentation Description
imaging osx (Lion and Mountain Lion) Instructions for creating "generalized" disk images for OSX computers that use Mobile Accounts (like in Active Directory). Currently includes information on creating a default dock and suppressing the AppleID / iCloud first-time-login user prompt.
delete a mac encrypted partition without the password How to format a flash drive or external hard drive on a Mac (10.7+) with an encrypted partition when the password for it has been lost or forgotten
fixing sandboxd errors Fixing sandboxd: mdworker deny mach-lookup error in OSX 10.8.2 (and other versions)
archive utility hanging How to fix archive utility hanging / Archive utility not responding in OSX Mountain Lion 10.8
sound source How to change your sound source from the menu bar - no OS X Sound Source application required