Jan De Loecker: Research




Published & Forthcoming


[1] Job Reallocation and Productivity Growth in an Emerging Economy, 2006, European Journal of Political Economy, vol 22, 388-408. (with J. Konings). (Published as part of the Symposium The Political Economy of Job Creation, Job Destruction, and Voting, Edited by Jan Fidrmuc and John E. Jackson.)


[2] Do Exports Generate Higher Productivity? Evidence from Slovenia, 2007, Journal of International Economics, 73, September, 69–98.


[3] Merger Review: How Much of Industry is Affected in an International Perspective?, 2008, Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 8 (1), 1-19. (with J. Konings and P. Van Cayseele).


[4] Recovering Markups from Production Data, 2011, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 29 (Special issue 37th EARIE), 350–355.


[5] Product Differentiation, Multi-Product Firms and Estimating the Impact of Trade Liberalization on Productivity - Appendix, 2011, Econometrica, Vol. 79, No. 5 (September), 1407–1451.


[6] Markups and Firm-level Export Status (with F. Warzynski), 2012, The American Economic Review, Vol. 102, No. 6. (October), 2437-2471.


[7] Detecting Learning by Exporting, 2013, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Vol. 5 No. 3 (August), 1-21.


[8] Firm Performance in a Global Market, with P. Goldberg, 2014, The Annual Review of Economics, volume 6, 201-227.


[9] Dynamic Inputs and Resource (Mis)Allocation, with A. Collard-Wexler and J. Asker, 2014, The Journal of Political Economy, vol. 122, no. 5 (October) (Online Appendix, and Commentary on related literature)


[10] Reallocation and Technology: Evidence from the US Steel Industry, with A. Collard-Wexler, 2015, The American Economic Review, vol 105, No. 1 (January), 131-171.    [Featured in the NBER Digest June 2013]


[11] Prices, Markups and Trade Reform with P. Goldberg, A. Khandelwal and N. Pavcnik,  July 2015, Forthcoming in Econometrica.




Working Papers

 [12] International competition and firm-level adjustment in markups and production efficiency, with J. Van Biesebroeck and C. Fuss, May 2014.


[13] The Effect of International Competition on Firm Productivity and Market Power, with J. Van Biesebroeck, Requested by Oxford Handbook of Productivity Analysis.


[14] Estimating Market Power. Evidence from the US Beer Industry, with P. T. Scott, October 2015.


[15] Production Function Estimation with Measurement Error in Inputs, with A. Collard-Wexler, November 2015.





Work in Progress


[16] Plant Location Decision, with M. Melitz and A. Pakes, August 2014.


[17] Market Power and Resource Allocation, with J. Asker and A. Collard-Wexler, July 2015.


[18] From Micro to Macro: Linking Firm Performance to Aggregate TFP, with J. Van Biesebroeck, October 2015.







Other Publications

[1] Global Integration and Technology Transfer, Journal of Economic Literature, September 2007.

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