Replication Page for "Case Selection and the Study of Judicial Politics", with Jeffrey Lax   


With the data and code described below, researchers can replicate our results.  Note that all the files referenced below, including csv versions of the datasets, can be found in this zip file.


Stata Do-Files and Datasets for Analysis

With the data in hand, we then programmed simulations in Stata, creating one do-file for each selection strategy analyzed in the paper:

Running each of these do-files produces a new dataset of 1,000 observations, 1 for each simulation.  The datasets we used in the paper are below.  Note that if you re-run the do-files, the resulting dataset will be slightly different to the random draws utilized in the simulations.

R Code for Analyses in Paper

Finally, with the simulated data at hand, we analyzed it using R, which we used to construct all the graphs that appear in the paper.  Complete code is available here.