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My area of research is mainly industrial organization, auctions and financial markets. Financial support from the National Science Foundation under Grants No. SES-0752860, SES-1123314 and SES-1352305, and from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.



Personalized Pricing and The Value of Time: Evidence from Auctioned Cab Rides,, with N. Buchholz, L. Doval, F. Matejka and T. Salz, 2020 (R&R at Econometrica



QE Reverse Auctions in the UK and the US,, with Lena Boneva nad Filip Zikes, 2022 (R&R at Journal of Financial Economics )


Estimating Demand Systems For Treasuries, with Jason Allen and Milena Wittwer, 2023


Quantifying Delay Externalities in Airline Networks, with Liyu Dou and John Lazarev, 2018  



Liquidity Auctions, Fixed Rate Tenders & Bailouts in the EURO Zone, with Nuno Cassola and Ali Hortacsu  

pdf 423kb


Empirical Analysis of Funding Cost Spillovers in the EURO Zone with Application to Systemic Risk, with Pietro Bonaldi and Ali Hortacsu (First Version 03/2013, Current Version 06/2015), (submitted)  

pdf 350kb

Revisiting Cap-and-Trade in Presence of Publicly Owned Polluters: The Case of Italy 2006-2018, with Bruno Baranek and Federico Boffa

pdf 1,100kb

PUBLISHED PAPERS (in reverse chronological order):


Crisis Management: Analyzing Default Risk and Liquidity Demand during Financial Stress, with Jason Allen and Ali Hortacsu forthcoming at AEJ:Micro  

pdf 724kb


Auctions in Financial Markets, International Journal of Industrial Organization , 2020  

pdf 724kb


Selling Information to Competitive Firms , with Marco Pagnozzi and Salvatore Piccolo, Rand Journal of Economics, 49(1), pp.254-282, 2018  

pdf 305kb


Bid Shading and Bidder Surplus in the U.S. Treasury Auction System , with Ali Hortacsu and Allen Zhang, , American Economic Review, 108(1), 2018  

pdf 500kb


Recent Advances in Empirical Analysis of Financial Markets: Industrial Organization Meets Finance, In B. Honore, A. Pakes, M. Piazzesi, & L. Samuelson (Eds.), Advances in Economics and Econometrics: Eleventh World Congress (Econometric Society Monographs, pp. 231-270). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017.  

pdf 684kb


The 2007 Subprime Market Crisis Through the Lens of European Central Bank Auctions for Short-Term Funds, with Nuno Cassola and Ali Hortacsu, 2009 (Econometrica, 81(4), pp.1309-1345, 2013)  

pdf 550kb


Delegation, Ownership Concentration and R&D Spending: Evidence from Italywith David Martimort and Salvatore Piccolo ( Journal of Industrial Economics, 61(1), pp. 84-107, 2013)



Valuing Dealers' Informational Advantage: A Study of Canadian Treasury Auctions , with Ali Hortacsu, last version January 2012 ( Econometrica, 80(6), pp.2511-2542, 2012) (previous title: Do Bidders in Canadian Treasury Bill Auctions Have Private Values?)

pdf 360kb


On the Properties of Equilibria in Private Value Divisible Good Auctions with Constrained Bidding - last version February 2011 ( Journal of Mathematical Economics , 48(6), pp.339-352, 2012)

pdf 370kb older version with existence proofs 352kb


When Should Manufacturers Want Fair Trade?: New Insights from Asymmetric Information, with David Martimort and Salvatore Piccolo - last version September 2009 (Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 20(3), 2011)

pdf 185kb


Discrete Bids and Empirical Inference in Divisible Good Auctions  - last version June 2010 - (Review of Economic Studies, 78 (3), pp. 974-1014, 2011 )

pdf 475kb older version 502kb


Wily Welfare Capitalists: Werner von Siemens and the Pension Fund, with Lyndon Moore, last version July 2008 (Cliometrica, 4(3), pp. 321-348, 2010)

pdf 300kb


Estimating Demand for U.S. Treasuries, with Ali Hortacsu

Platform Design in Ride Hail: An Empirical Investigation, with N. Buchholz, L. Doval and T. Salz