In 2011 Yale University Press published Contesting Democracy: Political Ideas in Twentieth Century Europe. A number of essays relating to the book can be found here:

-'The Triumph of What (if anything)? Political Ideologies and Political Institutions in Twentieth-Century Europe', in: Journal of Political Ideologies, vol.14 (2009)

-'European Intellectual History as Contemporary History', in: Journal of Contemporary History (2011)

-'A Post-Post-Liberal Order: How Western Europe emerged from its Thirty Year's Crisis', in: Gert Sørensen et al. (eds.), The Crisis of Europe and European Self-reflection 1914-1991(forthcoming)

-'What Did They Think They Were Doing? The Political Thought of the West European '68', in: Vladimir Tismaneanu (ed.), Promises of 1968: Crisis, Illusion, and Utopia (Central European University Press, 2011)

-'On Conceptual History', in: Darrin McMahon and Samuel Moyn (eds.), Rethinking Modern European Intellectual History (Oxford UP, 2014)