Jan-Werner Mueller



Selected Articles

Democratic Theory

- 'The Promise of Demoi-cracy: Diversity and Domination in the European Public Order’, in: Jürgen Neyer and Antje Wiener (eds.), The Political Theory of the European Union (Oxford UP, 2011)

-'Militant Democracy', in: Michel Rosenfeld and Andras Sajo (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Constitutional Law (Oxford UP, 2012)

-Safguarding Democracy Inside the EU, Transatlantic Academy Working Paper no. 3, 201-2013

-'Defending Democracy Within the EU', in: Journal of Democracy, April 2013

-'"The people must be extracted from within the people": Reflections on Populism', in: Constellations (2014)

-'Should the EU protect Democracy and the Rule of Law within its own Member States?', in: European Law Journal, April 2015

-'Protecting Popular Self-Government from the People?', in: Annual Review of Political Science (2016)

-'Individual Militant Democracy', in: Jonathan S. Kirshner and Anthoula Malkopoulou (eds.), Militant Democracy and Its Critics (forthcoming)

-'Democracy and Disrespect', in: Philosophy & Social Criticism (forthcoming)


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