Fall 2015
ELE 580A: Radio frequency and high-speed integrated circuits and systems

Spring 2015
(New course) ELE 304: Electronic Circuits: Devices to IC

The course will cover topics related to electronic system design through the various layers of abstraction from devices to ICs. The emphasis will be on understanding fundamental system-design tradeoffs, related to the speed, precision, power with intuitive design methods, quantitative performance measures, and practical circuit limitations. The understanding of these fundamental concepts will prepare students for a wide range of advanced topics from circuits and systems for communication to emerging areas of sensing and biomedical electronics.

Fall 2014
ELE 580: Radio frequency and high-speed integrated circuits and systems

Spring 2014
(New course) ELE 450: Electromagnetism and Modern Applications
(Princeton Engineering Commendation List for Outstanding Teaching)

The course will discuss electromagnetism (mostly classical electromagnetism) and its applications in modern day science and technology, with an emphasis on sensing and communication. The emphasis will be on fundamental theories and how they influence practical application ranging from biosensing, to modern day wireless, wire line communication and radar architectures along with multiple antenna array systems.

Fall 2013
(New course) ELE 580: Radio frequency and high-speed integrated circuits and systems

This new course will cover topics related to design of high-frequency and high-speed circuits, both at the transistor and system-level. The course will address the relevant aspects behind design of modern RF and wireless communication integrated circuits and systems. The course will be very useful to undergraduate students who wish to pursue a PhD in micro-electronics or seek a career in the ever-growing wireless and wireline communication industries. Due to the mixed flavor of circuits, systems and electromagnetics in the course, graduate students from a variety of research fields ranging from integrated circuits to optics, electromagnetics and device physics will find the course useful.

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