Keith E. Whittington

Professor of Politics

Princeton University


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Princeton University


Department of Politics

Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs

Center for the Study of Democratic Politics

James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions

Program in Law and Public Affairs

University Center for Human Values

Research Program in Political Economy

Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies


Professional Associations


American Political Science Association

Politics and History Section (APSA)

Law and Courts Section (APSA)

Foundations of Political Theory (APSA)


Western Political Science Association

Midwest Political Science Association

Southern Political Science Association

New England Political Science Association


Law and Society Association

American Society for Legal History

American Judicature Society

Social Science History Association

Organization of American Historians

Committee on the Political Economy of a Good Society (PEGS)

Consortium for Qualitative Research Methods

American Association of University Professors

The Federalist Society


Journals, Periodicals, and Blogs


Law and Politics Book Review

Social Science Research Network

Chronicle of Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed

Arts and Letters Daily

Political Theory Daily Review

History News Network



Political Science Quarterly

Law Reviews Online

Political Research Online


Washington Post

New York Times

Cable News Network

National Public Radio

New York Review of Books


National Review



Legal Affairs

Texas Monthly

The Daily Texan

The Daily Princetonian


The Volokh Conspiracy

Legal Theory Blog

Leiter Law School Reports

Empirical Legal Studies

How Appealing


Right Coast

Crooked Timber

Liberty Law Blog

FedSoc Blog


Concurring Opinions

The Faculty Lounge

Prawfs Blawg

Legal History Blog

U.S. Intellectual History Blog


Legal, Historical, and Political Resources


Oyez Project

Legal Information Institute


FindLaw Supreme Court Opinions (since 1893)


United States Supreme Court

Federal Judicial Center

Federal Judges Biographical Database

National Center for State Courts

American Bar Foundation


The Constitution of the United States, Analysis and Interpretation

The Founder's Constitution

NBER/Maryland State Constitution Project

U.S. Historical Documents

Materials Related to Famous Constitutional Cases

Exploring Constitutional Law

Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics


Legal Dictionary

Virtual Law Library

Internet Legal Resources Guide

Jurist: The Law Professors Network


Center for State Constitutional Studies


Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet

Congressional Documents and Debates (1776-1873)

First Federal Congress Project

Biographical Directory of U.S. Congress

National Conference of State Legislatures


American Presidency Project

Presidential Documents

Guide to Presidential Documents

Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln

Atlas of Presidential Elections

Electoral College Home Page


The History Cooperative

American Political


National Archives Digital Classroom

Library of Congress American Memory Digital Library

Images of American Political History

American Museum of the Moving Image

The New Deal Network

Making of America Digital Library


Inflation Conversion Factors

Current Value of Old Money

National Geographic's Map Machine

Harvard Center for International Development Databases

Comparative Democratization Project

State Supreme Court Data Project

Michigan State Program for Law and Judicial Projects Databases

Sidney Ulmer Project for Law and Judicial Databases

West Virginia University's Public Law Bibliography


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Advanced Book Exchange (Abebooks)

Powell's Books



Association of American University Presses


All Music Guide


Internet Movie Database

Rotten Tomatoes


Roger Ebert

Ain't It Cool News



Romenesko Media News

The Onion


NINDS Headache Information Page

National Headache Foundation

American Council for Headache Education



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