Kevin Lewis

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Email: kwlewis "at" princeton . edu
Phone: (609)-258-0498

  Welcome to my website! I am currently a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Geosciences at Princeton University.

  These pages highlight some of my latest research projects. In general, my research focuses on problems in planetary geophysics, from the scale of a grain of sand all the way up to the crust of a planet. I have worked in depth on the nature of sedimentary rocks of Mars, and what they might record about that planet's past climate and habitability. More recently, I have been interested in the spectral properties of crustal magnetic fields, and what they might tell us about the earliest history of Mars and other bodies.

  Although my focus is often on Mars, I try not to forget that the Earth is a planet too!


4/2/2013 - Nature has a nice summary of my latest paper with Edwin Kite, just published online in Geology.

12/21/12 - See a nice writeup in Science magazine of our work on the formation of the sedimentary mound in Gale crater, presented at AGU 2012.

9/12/12 - My latest paper with Frederik Simons, exploring the spectral variability of the Martian crustal magnetic field, is now available online, via GRL.

8/6/12 - Congratulations to all of the people who made Curiosity's perfect landing possible! I will be spending the next 3 months at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena working on the mission, returning to Princeton after the first 90 sols (Martian days). During this time, I will be living by the Martian clock, which means an extra 40 minutes every day, but also a constantly shifting work schedule.

7/5/12 - My latest manuscript with Edwin Kite and Michael Lamb, examining one possible formation mechanism for the layered mound at the Curiosity rover landing site, is now available in preprint form via ArXiV.

11/30/11 - I will be contributing to the Curiosity rover mission to Mars, having been selected as a Participating Scientist on the mission! Curiosity is scheduled to land in August 2012, having launched successfully from Cape Canaveral on 11/26.

2/1/11 - Check out my software page for my recently released stratigraphic toolkit, MatStrat, announced in today's issue of Eos.