MAE 222, Mechanics of Fluids

Lectures: MWF 10-11AM, Engineering Quad D-221.


Teaching Assistants: Office hours Go to Laboratory web page.
Go to pu.mae.222, the course "Newsgroup" or "Collabra Discussion Group."

Study Hall

Course Description

Text Book: Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Young, Munson and Okiishi, Wiley.

Introduction to the physical and analytical description of phenomena associated with the flow of fluids. Topics include the principles of conservation of mass, momentum and energy; lift and drag; open channel flow; dynamic simulitude; laminar and turbulent flow. Three lectures and one laboratory per week. Prerequisites: Math 104; Math 201 may be taken concurrently.

Homeworks 20%, Mid-Term#1 15%, Mid-Term#2 15%, Final 20%, Laboratory 30%.
Additional reference books
Li and Lam, Principles of Fluid Mechanics, Addison Wesley, 1976.
Anderson, Fundamentals of Aerodynamics, McGraw Hill. 1984.

Outline and Assignments

You need Acrobat to download the assignments. You can get Acrobat for Mac (as part of Netscape auto-installer found under INFORMATION ACCESS TOOLS) or PC from university servers, but it is preferable for you to get it directly from Adobe.
You are encouraged to use Matlab or Mathematica for your home works.

There are homework trays outside my office, appropriately marked. Please submit and pick up your papers there.
Click HERE to download the answer sheets for past homeworks.

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