MAE 305

Mathematics in Engineering I

Fall Semester, 1999

Lectures: MWF 11-12AM,

Instructors: Teaching Assistants: Office hours Bulletin Board DIscussions
Study Hall

Course Description

Text Book: Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, Boyce and DiPrima, Sixth Edition, John Wiley.

First order ODEs, existence and uniqueness; second and higher order linear ODE's, series solutions; Laplace transform; system of first order ODE's, eigen-analysis; numerical methods; Nonlinear differential equations and stability, phase portraits and singular point analysis; PDE with separation of variables, Fourier Series; Sturm-Liouville Theory and boundary value problems. Prerequisites: Math 201/203 and Math 202/204.

Home Works
Assigned on Friday, due the next Friday, 2PM. There are 11 weekly homeworks, and the lowest homework grade will be discarded.
Homeworks 30%, Mid-Term#1 20%, Mid-Term#2 20%, Final 30%.
Additional reference books
Student Edition of Matlab, The Math Works, the latest edition.
Mathematica, Wolfram Research Inc., the latest edition.
You are encouraged to use Matlab or Mathematica for your home works. 
You need the latest version of Acrobat to download the assignments.
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  • Outline and Assignments

    Answers to assignment are available to be downloaded the monday after the due date.
    Send me email if you have questions.