Reduced Chemistry Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis

S. H. Lam


This is a tutorial on reduced chemistry modeling and sensitivity analysis using computational singular perturbation, or CSP. After briefly presenting the underlying mathematics, the exposition focuses on how to use CSP data to neglect the non-participating elementary reactions in the reaction database, to trim the number of relevant reactants, and how to identify the so-called ``CSP radicals'' and the rate-controlling elementary reactions. An example is worked out using both the conventional methods and CSP. A succinct summary of sensitivity analysis is also given, showing in particular that the linearization assumption does not necessarily require the percentage perturbation of rate parameters to be small. It is also shown that most interesting sensitivity questions can be straightforwardly answered by interrogating the CSP data.
Presented at Aerothermochemistry for Hypersonic Technology 1994-1995 Lecture Series Programme, Von Karman Institute of Fluid Dynamics, April 24-28, 1995.

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