• The mission of the Black Student Union’s Leadership and Mentoring Program (LAMP) is to assist first year students in their transition into campus life by providing them with a support network of their peers. Recognizing the valuable resource undergraduate students can be for each other, LAMP uses a combination of one-on-one mentoring (in the form of the mentor-mentee pairs) and cluster mentoring (the Family Groups) to promote academic growth, social exploration, leadership development and community activism among all its members during their tenure in Princeton.  However, we emphasize the progress of the first-year students in hopes that the mentors, with their experience, will enable the freshmen to jumpstart their Princeton careers by avoiding the pitfalls that often occur during this period.


  • To provide each first-year student with a mentor of similar academic, geographic, cultural, and religious background to theirs.

  • To support first-year students as they navigate course and extracurricular activity selection.

  • To cultivate an atmosphere of learning, growth, exploration and acceptance for all participants.

  • To foster leadership potential among all participants through various programs.

  • To host regular events that facilitate communication between mentors, mentees and their Family Groups.