Community Building Initiatives -The Leadership and Mentoring Program's Community Building Initiatives focus on the social development and adjustment of LAMPers through regular events that bring together the entire LAMP community and engage them in non academic, fun activities. LAMP achieves this through biweekly events including movie and game nights, semesterly events including trips to the local skate rink and bowling alley, and yearly events like the LAMP Great Adventure trip. Many campus organizations, programs, and series help facilitate new students in their challenging transition from the work of high school to the rigors of university academics; however, LAMP's Community Building Initiatives focus on the equally as challenging transition from life at home (on the west coast, on a farm, in the city, in Jamaica, etc.) to the often very different life present at Princeton University.

***NEW *** Tutoring and Academic Consulting –Through a special collaboration with the Dean of the College, Residential Colleges, and McGraw Center, LAMP offers mentees and mentors a unique opportunity to receive Peer Tutoring through the Dean of the College’s office by LAMP mentors.   In addition to one on one tutoring services, LAMP provides students with equally important training on the fundamentals of learning—how to study, problem solving techniques, tips for staying organized, etc.  Working in conjunction with the McGraw Centers Ace Consultants, LAMP Mentors serve as consultants to the LAMP community and not only enrich the social aspects of our dynamic community but the academic success of our members.

Study Halls -LAMP provides students with two Study Hall programs that provide students with a place to get work done when the confines of their dorm rooms and the local study spaces become more distracting than productive. LAMP's "Crunch Time" Study Hall occurs twice a semester during the students most hectic academic weeks. Located in Frist's Multi Purpose Room and stocked with snacks and beverages, the "Crunch Time" Study Hall gives students a work-friendly environment where they can come together and support each other academically. LAMP's "P-Set" Study Hall Initiative is directed to students in problem-set classes (math, science, engineering, economics, etc.) and provides these students with a space to tackle the most complicated and grueling of problem sets together. Stocked with drinks, chalk for working out problems on the chalkboard, and light background music, the "P-Set" Study Hall meets every Friday evening, motivating students to get an early start on their problem sets before a weekend of studying and good times.


Princeton In the Nations Service Leadership Projects -Through LAMP's partnership with Community House, Big Sibs, and Generation 1, this project brings the LAMP community and the greater Princeton community together once a month in fun, enjoyment, and mentoring. This program looks to give high schoolers the unique opportunity to see and meet people justlike them thriving on a college campus. CLICK HERE TO GET MORE INVOLVED.


Leadership Series -In addition to supporting students socially and academically, LAMP takes pride in the fact that it provides students with the rewarding and didactic leadership role of mentors to incoming freshmen. However, these mentors are also leaders in the greater Princeton community, so through LAMP's Leadership Series, mentors share their leadership experiences-both good and bad-to the freshman class in their residential colleges and give freshmen the necessary tools they need to get involved on campus and in the community.