Charrette Project SGML Codes


This key provides the SGML/TEI tags used in the manuscript transcriptions. (A few tags utilized in these transcriptions are not included in this list: the user may refer in these rare cases directly to the corresponding image files.)


SGML entities have been grouped into categories.

I. Simple Substitutions


G line 7


C line 14


G line 1138


T line 1497


C line 1037


G line 9


C line 935


G line 282


A line 2100


T line 1246


T line 3826


T line 3826


V line 3449


V line 3700


G line 273


G line 276


G line 2912


G line 2805


G line 2660


G line 963


G line 266


G line 1016


T line 6888


T line 6826


T line 6199


T line 6812


T line 6811


E line 1009


E line 974


E line 1239


E line 923


E line 1107


E line 926


E line 952


E line 955


E line 983


C line 10


C line 471


T line 2658


T line 2651


G line 4


G line 10


T line 6988


E line 593


E line 498


E line 751


E line 744


II. Complex Substitutions

These codes are complex because we are indicating the relationship between a diacritical mark and a letter, or a sequence of letters. For a single letter or a sequence of letters, represented as "xx" below, the codes are as below. (Thus, ultimately, a separate SGML entity is defined for each letter/diacritic combination.)



C line 2


E line 6


C line 459


G line 5


C line 102


T line 101


G line 8


T line 732


T line 731


C line 1364 (only occurs with "y")


E line 1003 (only occurs with "i")


III. Miscellaneous

The following SGML elements/tags indicate extraordinary line configurations



C line 390a

cui &s;o<add place=supralinear>t</add>

C line 504

l<add place=infralinear>dot</add>e

T line 743

IV. Unclear Readings

The following SGML elements/tags indicate where our editors were not confident of the reading given or unable to decipher it.



A line 56

fai&s; <gap>v&re-hbar; oe&s;

A line 479


V. Large Letters

The number given indicates that the manuscript letter is a certain number of lines high. Within the transcription, the manuscript appears with the first indented line.



A line 1

V. Line numbers, foliotation, and column markers

<l n="47">

line 47


a line break which does not correspond to a new line number


folio 47 recto

<milestone unit="column" n="a">

column a