Academic Programs

Student Support

One of the Center's programs aimed at the younger generation, and with considerable potential in the long-run is the variety of ways in which we support and encourage student initiatives concerning the study of France , its language, and its culture.

The Center for French Studies has developed five key programs to encourage undergraduates to embark on French studies and graduate students to embrace on careers centered on France . The programs are the following:

•  Language training

•  Certification in French Studies

•  Undergraduate thesis research

•  Fellowships for entering graduate students in different disciplines

•  Doctoral dissertation grants 

France and Europe

In its aim to encourage the study of French culture, the Center for French Studies has attempted to situate France within the European context. This aim has been facilitated by the newly-created Program in European Studies.

Faculty Exchanges

The Center for French Studies has established a program that involves faculty exchanges between Princeton and French academic institutions. Several French scholars have been invited to team-teach seminars and to lecture at Princeton . These exchanges will make it possible for some distinguished Princeton Professors to teach or lecture at French institutions.

The Center also began to make it possible for French scholars to spend time at the Center carrying out their own research. The Center particularly tries to encourage young scholars to come and conduct their own work at Princeton . This program allows for a Franco-American cooperation at a level that benefits Princeton students and faculty.

Several Princeton scholars (Philip Nord, Ezra Suleiman, Jeffrey Herbst) have been invited to become professors associés at the I.E.P in Paris . Princeton University 's Department of Politics will have Professor Jean Leca, of Sciences Po Paris, as a visiting professor in the Fall of 2004.

Special Academic Programs

Anthropology 315 - Princeton in Bordeaux program