L'Atelier, The French Theater Workshop

Feydeau's Le Dindon

Moliere' Le Tartuffe

Aaron Cooper 05' in Chekhov

Founded in 2001 by the Department of French and Italian and the Center for French Studies, L'Atelier, The French Theater Workshop, offers Princeton students an original combination of linguistic and dramatic training, and constitutes a unique cultural and artistic venture. Based on the “cours d'interprétation” used by the French conservatories, L'Atelier introduces students to acting techniques and allows them to discover the richness of the French dramatic repertoire. Offered exclusively in French, it is also a chance to improve language skills by putting them in motion. Every semester, students perform collection of scenes from classical and modern French theater or plays. L'Atelier is directed by Florent Masse, a lecturer in the Department of French and Italian, who has been trained as an actor and director in France .

During the 2003-2004 academic year, L'Atelier presented its first full-length play: “Le Dindon” by Georges Feydeau and, thanks to the generous support of the Department of French and Italian, the Center for French Studies and PIIRS, L'Atelier students traveled to Paris , France , to enrich their discovery and understanding of French Theater.

In 2004-2005, the Troupe of L'Atelier performed a collection of one-act plays by Feydeau, Grumberg and Chekhov: "Travaux d'Acteurs," February 2005, and presented its first play in French verse: Moliere's "Le Tartuffe," in April 2005. Students from the Troupe again traveled to Paris, France over the university's intersession in January 2005 to refine their discovery of French Theater. In 2004-2005, L'Atelier's program also innovated by offering an atelier specifically designed to adult members of the Princeton francophone community. See Community Outreach. This 2005-2006 season, L'Atelier will perform "Andromaque" by Jean Racine (October 2005) and, Feydeau's "Un fil a la patte" (April 2006).

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