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We are moving! The lab will be moving in 2016 to Columbia University's Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics, where Landweber will have a joint appointment with the Department of Biological Sciences at Columbia University.

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     We study the origin and evolution of complex genomes and RNA-mediated epigenetic inheritance, especially in the scrambled and fragmented genome of Oxytricha, featured on the January 2013 cover of PLoS Biology and various articles and blogs, such as this one or a recent article in PAW.

Our newest Cell paper is out:
"The Architecture of a Scrambled Genome Reveals Massive Levels of Genomic Rearrangement during Development."
It features the PacBio assembly of the Oxytricha germline genome. This identified all 225,000 DNA pieces that form the somatic chromosomes, and revealed hundreds of new germline-limited genes as well.

Read a news story or WIRED magazine's coverage of our 2014 Cell paper.

Read a commentary or news story about our 2012 Cell article on piRNAs that protect the genome against DNA deletion.

or a news story about our 2009 Science paper on A Functional Role for Transposases in a Large Eukaryotic Genome.

or a news story about our 2008 Nature article on RNA-mediated epigenetic programming of a genome-rearrangement pathway

or watch a clip about it on TV ! (YouTube)

Read about our lab at The Scientist.


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Laura Landweber, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (
Guyot Hall room 223 (office), 323 (lab)
Princeton, NJ 08544-1003

Office telephone : 609-258-1947
Administrative assistant : 609-258-7893


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