Lavender Graduation

Event Description


Each spring, The LGBT Center sponsors Lavender Graduation, a ceremony celebrating the achievements of graduating students and honoring the contributions of Princeton students, staff, and faculty. This is truly the greatest LGBT event of the year and is not to be missed.  Campus administration such as President Tilghman, Vice President for Student Life Janet Dickerson, and Dean of Undergraduate Students Kathleen Deignan participate each year, as well as many members of the LGBT community.


To attend this year's ceremony and become a lavender Graduate, contact The LGBT Center. To see pictures from previous ceremonies, click here. To read more about the awards handed out annually, click here.



Pictures from Previous Ceremonies


Click on the thumbnails for full-size pictures of our previous lavender Graduation ceremonies.




Award Descriptions & Past Recipients


Gabriel and Sue Anne, the first recipients of the Rainbow AwardSue Anne Steffey-Morrow Rainbow Award: Recognizes extraordinary service and outstanding leadership going far beyond the call of duty to support and build the LGBT campus community and to promote LGBT issues and awareness at Princeton University.


Past recipients of the Rainbow Award:

  • 2010: Jacob Denz
  • 2009: Fiona Miller & Jan Runkle
  • 2008: Thomas Lipp
  • 2007: Blue Gudal & Paul Pawlowski
  • 2006: Aleksander Donev & Claire Woo
  • 2005: Jessie Weber
  • 2004: Kris Kersey
  • 2003: Vigi Sklar & Genevieve Aguilar
  • 2002: Gabriel Barrett & Sue Anne Steffey Morrow, former Associate Dean of Religious Life (pictured at right)


Activist Award: Recognizes commitment and outstanding contribution to raising awareness and being an activist and voice for change at Princeton University and in the surrounding community.


Past recipients of the Activist Award:

  • 2010: Emily Rutherford
  • 2009: Andy Chen
  • 2008: Dr. Lauren Costello
  • 2007: Katrina Rogachevsky
  • 2006: Christopher Lloyd
  • 2005: Paul Pawlowski
  • 2004: Jessie Weber & Claire Woo
  • 2003: Louisa Alexander & Vigi Sklar
  • 2002: Jessie Weber & Laura Kaplan


Service to the LGBT Community Award: Acknowledges contribution to and involvement in Princeton LGBT life and recognizes enduring commitment to building community and educating the campus about LGBT issues.

  • 2010: Jess Jardine & Manuela Raunig-Berhó
  • 2009: Damian Carrieri & Jacob Denz
  • 2008: Amy Paeth, Chris Sailor, & Michele DeJuliis
  • 2007: Luca Nagy
  • 2006: Brian Jacobs
  • 2005: Carol Rosenfeld & Claire Woo
  • 2004: Caroline Baker & Jeny Schanbacher
  • 2003: Sue Dyer & Blue
  • 2002: Meghan Anne Brown, Hillary Reser, Janet Neglia, & Laurie Hall


Building Bridges: Recognizes tremendous effort to serve the LGBT community through building coalitions across groups at Princeton University.

  • 2010: Aundeah Kearney
  • 2009: Trevor Dawes
  • 2008: Elizabeth Cooper
  • 2007: Thomas Lipp
  • 2006: Larry Lyons
  • 2005: Lauren Hayward
  • 2004: Ande Diaz, Aleks Donev, & Juan Gonzales
  • 2003: Russell Goldman
  • 2002: Blue & Rabbi David Leipziger

Ally Award: Recognizes the important contributions of friends and allies of the LGBT community. Honorees have helped with special projects, raised awareness, and provided both a safe space and a voice for LGBT issues at Princeton University


  • 2010: Melissa Harris-Lacewell

University Department Recognition Award

  • 2010: Award Not Given


FFR/BTGALA Recognition Award

  • 2010: Gabriel Rodriguez