NJBirds Mailing List Information

March, 2002; rev. March 2009, May 2014.

Please bookmark this information in case you need to change or cancel your subscription in the future. The link is http://www.princeton.edu/~llarson2/njb/njbirdstxt.html .

List purpose:

NJBirds is a Listserv mailing list hosted at Princeton University. It is related to, and complemented by, the Jerseybirds Listserv mailing list also hosted at Princeton.

This list is used for the limited purpose of distributing occasional "breaking news" of NJBRC REVIEW LIST Species, between updates of the New Jersey Audubon Society birding hotlines (Rare Bird Alerts). It also distributes these hotlines: the weekly New Jersey statewide "Voice of New Jersey Audubon, and the Cape May Birding Hotline, when they are updated by compilers (New Jersey Audubon staff members).

Disclaimer: NJBirds is only a mailing list, not a bird club or membership organization. NJBirds is not connected in any way with commercial web sites such as www.njbirds.com, www.jerseybirds.com, www.jerseybirds.co.uk, or www.newjerseybirds.com.


To report rarities for distribution to the NJBirds mailing list, send mail to: Laurie Larson njbirds-request@lists.princeton.edu Bill Boyle report@njbrc.net and/or Scott Barnes sightings@njaudubon.org. Sending mail to all three increases the chances of reaching one of them quickly and getting the report posted as fast as possible.

If you need help with your subscription, and need to correspond with a "real person," please send e-mail to Laurie Larson, njbirds-request@lists.princeton.edu Suggestions, comments, and questions are welcome and can be sent to Laurie Larson at the same address.

NJBirds subscriptions are free and open to any interested birder. Subscribers cannot post to the list. The mailing list of subscribers' addresses is not open for public examination and is not shared, sold or distributed by the list owners.

NJBirds isn't for discussions, questions, etc. If you would like to belong to a list that welcomes reports of New Jersey sightings, discussion, trip reports, and information requests, please join the JerseyBirds mailing list.

The NJBirds list is "owned" (managed) by Laurie Larson, with the cooperation (but no financial or other support) of the New Jersey Audubon Society, the NJ Bird Records Committee, and many active NJ birders. NJBirds is hosted on Princeton University's LISTSERV processor. It is moderated, that is, designated volunteers post messages to the NJBirds list for distribution to all subscribers.

The REVIEW LIST is available on the NJ Bird Records Committee web site.

Birds which are not on the Committee's Review List may still be of considerable interest to birders and should be reported appropriately. For full information on reporting birds in New Jersey, please see the Reporting page of the NJBRC.

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Archival and Bibliographic notes

The list messages for 1998 and 1999 are archived at http://www.princeton.edu/~llarson2/njb/njbirdsarchive.htm

You can use Princeton University's site-wide search engine, http://www.google.com/univ/princeton, to search these pre-2000 NJBIRDS archives. For best results use the species name.

List messages for 2000 to date are archived at https://lists.princeton.edu/listserv/njbirds.html with full LISTSERV searching available.

In addition, the NJAS birding hotlines are available in full text from about 1990, at the Society's Sightings page. There is a very useful species name search tool provided there. Since NJAS had not archived the texts, we were able to provide them from archives of the NBHC BirdEast LISTSERV mailing list and personal archives.

A web site which makes available the current NJBIRDS feed (and many others), is Jack Siler's Birding On the Net, one of the first and best web portals for birders.


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