Lauren G. Senesac


    I am a fifth year Sociology graduate student at Princeton University with an undergraduate background in Computer Science. I specialize in sociology of technology, social networks, and sociology of culture.

    My dissertation work centers around professional and amateur scientific interaction in on and offline communities, which reflects my broader interest in the sociology of science and technology. The dissertation is designed to help social scientists better understand the ways in which science and scientific professions are shaped by the participation of nonprofessionals in scientific research. By looking at both on and offline amateur science, I also hope to better understand the role of communication technologies in shaping how amateurs conduct scientific work. For this project, I am concentrating on amateur biology, which is a very prolific setting for amateurs, but in the future I would like to broaden this to other scientific disciplines as well.

    My past projects have incorporated diverse themes, from virtual ethnographic work in an MMORPG to attempts to measure idiosyncratic music tastes and idiosyncratic social networks. I am also interested in cultural influence in virtual communities.



Wit is the sudden marriage of ideas which before their union were not perceived to have any relation.

            - Mark Twain