Lynn T. White III

Professor of Politics and International Affairs

Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544-1013
609-258-4839, 609-258-5533(F)

Office: 404 Robertson Hall


His interests include China, comparative revolutions and reforms, and comparative organization. He is the author of Unstately Power: Local Causes of China's Reforms, Policies of Chaos, and Careers in Shanghai. He has published articles in the American Political Science Review, China Quarterly, the Journal of Asian Studies, Modern China, and other journals. He is now working on a comparison of elections in several East Asian countries, on the effects of globalization in Taiwan, and on the U.S. perceptions of China's reforms. White has taught in the Political Science Department at the University of California, Berkeley, and was associated with the university's Center of Chinese Studies. Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley.

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1999 'Asian Perspective' Tables

Fall 2004 - WWS 565: State, Society, and Development (also POL 527)

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