The dining hall where food fills our bellies and stained glass windows keep us pious.

I’m a third year graduate student at Princeton University. My interests involve using behavioral methods along with fMRI to explore how people are able to maintain and process information in the face of distraction. My advisors are Andy Conway and Uri Hasson.

I’m a big fan of computing, and spend a healthy amount of code-stuff time thinking how to produce clear, replicable pipelines for data analysis. This usually involves a mixture of Python and R.

  • Ubuntu is a very user-friendly flavor of Linux.

  • Scripting language of choice. In addition to having very clean syntax, Python carries great community support and is completely open source. Learning Python after C++ felt like this. I often use the psychoPy library for writing experiments.

  • R is a solid language for statistical analysis. Statisticians seem attracted to R, so it seems good at keeping up with contemporary techniques.

  • Used to manage code for experimental tasks and analysis scripts. This has been really helpful, as I often work on different machines. It seems like the most popular form of version control in my department is DropBox, which scares me a little. But, git + dropbox?!

  • Text processing on steroids.

  • Zotero is a free, opensource organizer for research sources. It’s an addon for FireFox (a stand-alone version is in the works). I’ve been pretty happy with it.