MAE 324: The Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials
Spring Term 2002

The course is an introduction to the properties of engineering materials. The emphasis is on the correlation between a material's atomic and microscopic structure and the macroscopic properties that it displays. The topic selection is directed towards mechanical and aerospace engineers and satisfies both departmental and PMI requirements.

Barrie S. H. Royce

with technical assistance from
Anca Niculin, and Peter Batke, E.T.C.

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  1. Materials, Properties & Design

  2. Solids, Thermodynamics & Bonding

  3. The Structure of Ideal Solids

  4. Real Materials

  5. Diffusion

  6. Mechanical Properties

  7. Plastic Deformation

  8. Failure Modes

  9. Phase Diagrams

 10. Kinetics & Microstructure

 11. Composite Materials

  12. Corrosion

      Problem Sets and Solutions
      Search Engine

1 November 2001