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Brokered Boundaries: Creating Immigrant Identity in Anti- Immigrant Times
Douglas Massey and Magaly Sanchez-R

In this book the authors review the plurality of elements characterizing Latino immigrants and their position in the United States, including their mixed ethnic roots, employment patterns,and legal status, experience of discrimination and social inequalities, and self-perceptions of identity.  Systematic analyses of these factors drive the book's central discussion on diversity and identity, focusing particularly on how Latino immigrants are able to negotiate complex identities without total assimilation.

Russell Sage Foundation June 2010.pp 305

brokered boundries

Chronicle of a Myth Foretold: The Washington Consensus in Latin America.

Douglas S Massey , Magaly Sanchez-R and Jere R. Behrman . Editors


The chapters in this book , draw upon subtantive and theoretical knowledge from the disciplines of sociology,economics, demographics, antropology and urban studies and covers numerous countries in Latin Amerca.The finnal product of this editing book reveals the means by which neoliberal structural adjustments was apply to diverse countries throughout the region, the negative cconsequences it had within major economies, and the lessons learn form that experience

The Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science. Volume 606.July 2006. pp 315

Chronicle of a Myth Foretold

Bandes, gangs et enfants de la rue : culture d'urgence à Caracas

Yves Pedrazzini et Magaly Sanchez-R
Préface de Manuel Castells

Dans les rues et les barrios - quartiers auto- construits - de Caracas, les bandes d'enfants et d'adolescents dictent leur loi éphémère et violente, sachant qu'ils seront les premières victimes. Mais que leur reste-t-il, en fait d'espérance ? Dans une culture d'urgence et de violence, leur innocence n'a d'égal que la tristesse et le dégoût qui leur vient de l'incessant recours aux armes. Un livre pour mieux penser les "politiques de la ville" en Amérique Latine ou ailleurs en tenant compte des logiques de ceux qui y vivent et de leurs possibilités de participation aux décisions qui les concernent.

Ed.Charles Léopold Mayer/DDB, 1998, 270 p. ISBN 2-220-04121-X
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Malandros - Bandos y Ninos de la calleMalandros, Bandas y Niños de la Calle:
Cultura de Urgencia en la Metropoli Latinoamericana.

Yves Pedrazzini y Magaly Sanchez-R

Valencia: Caracas.