Summer Kayak and Picnic Outing on nearby Lake Carnegie, June 2016
Farewell to Dr. Fabian Wagner, IIASA


Group picture, December 2015


Group Picture from left to right:

First row: Yixin Guo (WWS PhD student); Denise Mauzerall (PI); Yue Qin (WWS PhD student); Xu Chen (WWS PhD student); Xin Zhang (WWS post-doc),
Second Row: Dr. Fabian Wagner (Visitor, IIASA), Wei Peng (WWS PhD student), Dr. Stuart Riddick (post-doc), Charles (Xiaoyuan) Li (PhD student, CEE), Junnan Yang (WWS PhD student), Xinwo Huang (PEI-STEP fellow),
Missing: David Pal (PEI-STEP fellow); Cynthia Gerlein (PEI-STEP fellow).

Group picture, December 2013


Group Picture from left to right:

First row: Wei Peng (PhD student, WWS), Mary Kang (PhD student CEE, PEI-STEP fellow), Carole Dalin (PhD student CEE, PEI-STEP fellow), Denise Mauzerall (PI), Yue Qin (PhD student, WWS), Jun Liu (visiting student research collaborator),
Second Row: Matt Reid (PhD student CEE, PEI-STEP fellow), Dan Westervelt (STEP post-doc), David Kanter (PhD student, WWS), Junnan Yang (PhD student, WWS), Xiaoyuan Li (PhD student, CEE), Xinwo Huang (PhD student CEE, PEI-STEP fellow)
Missing: Xin Zhang (STEP post-doc)


Group picture, May 2012


From left to right: Carole Dalin (PhD student CEE, PEI/STEP fellow), David Kanter (PhD student, WWS), Yuanyuan Fang (postdoc),
Matt Reid (PhD student CEE, PEI/STEP fellow), Wei Peng (PhD student, WWS), Megan Konar ((PhD student CEE, PEI/STEP fellow), Denise Mauzerall (PI)
Missing: Brian Ellis (PhD student CEE, PEI/STEP fellow), Mary Kang (PhD student CEE, PEI/STEP fellow)


Group picture, April 2010

From left to right: Monica Kopacz (postdoc), Yuanyuan Fang (post doc starting 9/2010), Denise Mauzerall (PI), Eri Saikawa (PhD student, WWS),
Alex Whitworth (PhD student, WWS), Shiri Avnery (PhD student, WWS), Yan Zhang (PhD student, CEE), David Kanter (PhD student, WWS).


Postdoctoral Fellows

Stuart Riddick

Xin Zhang  

Doctoral Students

Xu Chen

Yixin Guo

Xiaoyuan Li

Wei Peng

Yue Qin

Junnan Yang

Princeton Environmental Institute/
Science, Technology and Environmental Policy fellows

Cynthia Gerlein

Xinwo Huang

David Pal

Undergrad Interns

Shanna Christian

Christy Kaiser



Fabian Wagner, (WWS/ACEE Visiting Research Scholar, 2014-2016), IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

David Kanter, (WWS/STEP PhD 2014), Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies Dept., New York University

Dan Westervelt, (post-doc 2013-2015), Associate Research Scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

Carole Dalin, (PEI/STEP fellow, CEE PhD 2014), PostDoc, Grantham Research Institute, London School of Economics

Mary Kang, (PEI/STEP fellow, CEE PhD 2014), PostDoc, Stanford University

Matthew Reid, (PEI/STEP fellow, CEE PhD 2014), Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept., Cornell University

Shiri Avnery, (Ph.D. 2012), Program Officer, New York University Center on International Cooperation

Brian Ellis (STEP-PEI fellow 2010-2012). Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Yuanyuan Fang (post-doc 2010-2012), Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford University

Megan Konar (STEP-PEI fellow 2010-2012), Assistant Professor, University of Illinois

Monika Kopacz, (postdoc 2009-10), Program Manager, Climate Program Office, NOAA

Eri Saikawa, (Ph.D. 2010), Assistant Professor, Emory University

Junfeng Liu, (Ph.D. 2006, Post-doctoral fellow 2006-2008), Assistant Professor, College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, CHINA

Vaishali Naik, (post-doc 2003-2006, associate research scholar 2006-2007), Project Scientist, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton, NJ

Jason West, (research associate, 2004-2006), Associate Professor, Environmental Science and Engineering Department, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Daniel Q. Tong, (post-doc 2003-2005), Senior Scientist, Science and Technology Corporation, on assignment to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Atmospheric Modeling Division,

Shangping Xu, (PEI-STEP fellow 2004-2005). Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

Xiaoping Wang, (Ph.D. 2004), World Bank, Washington, D.C.

Thomas Hale, (undergrad collaborator, 2003) Associate Professor of Public Policy, Oxford University, Blavatnik School of Government

Babar Sultan, (undergraduate/alumni research assistant 2001-2003, A.B. 2002 Economics), Harvard Medical School MD

Cristina Cobb-Adams, (undergraduate assistant, summer 2003), Princeton class of 2005





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