WWS 594s: Climate Change: Science and Policy. Spring 2014; Spring 2015

CEE/WWS/ENV 334: Global Environmental issues. Spring 2011; Fall 2012; Fall 2013; Fall 2014

WWS 591c. Policy Workshop: State Policies on Hydraulic Fracturing. Fall 2014
Final Report. Addressing air and water concerns: State policy opportunities in unconventional oil and gas, February 2015
Final Presentation - State Policy Opportunities for Management of Unconventional Oil & Gas, January 2015

WWS 350: The Environment: Science and Policy. (satisfies Princeton's Science, Technology, no lab reqirement), part 2. Spring 2013

WWS 591e: Policy Workshop: Methane Mitigation - Technical and Policy opportunities. Fall 2012
Final Report. Methane Mitigation Opportunities in China
Final Presentation - Opportunities for Mitigation of Methane Emmissions in China, 2013

WWS 591e. Policy Workshop: Post-Copenhagen climate Change Initiatives: Fast Action Mitigation Strategies, Fall 2010, Syllabus
Student presentation to the U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency, January 2011.
Final Report: Complements to Carbon: Opportunities for Near-Term Action on Non-CO2 Climate Forcers, March 2011.

WWS/ENV 334. Global Environmental Issues, Spring 2009, Syllabus

FRS 136; Living in a Polluted Greenhouse, Spring 2009.

WWS 591e: Policy Workshop:  Integrating Clean Air and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies in Future Environmental Policy:  A Focus on Black Carbon, Fall 2008, Student presentation to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Student Report, Student Presentation

WWS 402d: Development of Policy Initiatives for the Sustainable Use of Energy at Princeton University, Spring 2007, Student Reports

WWS 591a: Policy Workshop: Climate Change, State Initiatives, and Coastal Hazards: Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for New Jersey, Fall 2006, Student Report

WWS 402d: Energy for Sustainable Development, Spring 2006, Student Reports

WWS 586e: Global Environmental Issues, Spring 2005

WWS 475: Global Environmental Issues, Spring 2003, Spring 2005, Fall 2005

WWS 402f: Sustainable Development: Can We Do It?, Spring 2003, Student Reports

WWS 402e: Energy, Air Pollution and Climate Change: How China Matters, Spring 2001

WWS 402e: Air Quality in India and China: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally, Spring 2000

WWS 584: Methods in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy, Fall 2002; Fall 2004, Spring 2006

WWS 589: Methods in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy, Fall 1999, Fall 2000

WWS 588: Issues in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy, Spring 1999