Postdoc Researchers

Saeed Ghadimi [link]
PhD in Operations Research, University of Florida

Xudong Li [link]
PhD in Mathematics, National University of Singapore

Lin Yang [link]
PhD in Physics, PhD in Computer Science, John Hopkins University

Graduate Students

Yichen Chen [link]
(PhD Candidate in Computer Science)

Galen Cho
(PhD Candidate in Operations Research and Financial Engineering)

Jian Ge
(PhD Candidate in Operations Research and Financial Engineering)

Junchi Li
(Visiting student for the period 09/2015-02/2016)

Jiaxing Sun
(Master 2015)

Undergraduate Student

Ben Wolfsen, Grace Chang, Rellie Luo, Joy Zhou, Likith Govindaiah, Bradley Snider (Princeton 2017)

Eliot Tan, John Jablonski, Frances Lu, Angela Wang, Barbara Zhan (Princeton 2016)

Kevin Simms, Satyajeet Pal, Michael Casper (Princeton 2015).

Selected Undergraduate Projects

Multi-State Markov Chain Modeling of Health Insurance Claims and Cost Prediction
Barbara Zhan, Princeton 2016

Using Counterfactual Regret Minimization and Strategy Stitching to Produce a Competitive Multiplayer PokerBot
Jack Jablonski, Princeton 2016

Identifying Risk Factors And Cost Anomalies In Healthcare Using Medicare Claims Data
Frances Lu, Princeton 2016

Loan Default Prediction: Classifying Clients using Risk-Sensitive Learning
Satyajeet Pal, Princeton 2016

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