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Brain and Cognitive Sciences
University of Rochester

Research Focus:
Cognitive Neuroscience
Computational Neuroscience
Machine Learning & Data Science

mci (at) rochester (dot) edu
Twitter: @MCatalinIordan
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Jul 31 BCS Summer Seminar
Rochester, NY
Aug 28 BCS Retreat
Canandaigua, NY
Nov 16-19 Psychonomics 2023
San Francisco, CA


Jan 24 Wesleyan College
Middletown, CT
Feb 7-8 Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN
May 13-18 VSS 2022
St. Pete Beach, FL
Jun 1-2 V-VSS 2022
Virtual talk
Dec 12 Computer Science
Dept. Seminar
Rochester, NY

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recruiting 1-2 phd students for fall 2024
We are inviting applications for prospective PhD students interested in visual cognition + neuroscience and/or quantitative + computational methods applied to human neuroimaging. More details about our lab's research can be found here.

PhD Program in Brain & Cognitive Sciences:

    Application Deadline: December 5, 2023.
    Start Date: September 2024.
    Application Details & Link
    Program Info:
    No application fee. No GRE required.

We especially encourage applications from minority and/or underrepresented students. Students with strong computational background & interests may be eligible for a joint PhD degree in Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Computer Science.

Ideal candidates have psychology, neuroscience, and/or computer science research experience, as well as programming skills; computational methods and/or neuroimaging experience is a plus. However, strong evidence of passion & dedication for research may partly substitute for the above. In your personal statement, please describe your research contributions during current and past projects, as well as your computational / programming prowess. Also, please make sure to include 1-2 specific cognitive (neuro)science question(s) you would like to pursue in grad school. We look for students who can think clearly about which scientific questions are most important, which methods are best for answering those questions, and why they're passionate!

Come work in a welcoming, inclusive, equitable, and friendly environment where you'll be supported and valued. We will train you to become an independent scientist and we'll provide support for achieving your own best path forward, whether in academia or industry. You'll join a growing community of interdisciplinary scientists and you'll have opportunities to collaborate with several communities and departments: Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, Neuroscience, Data Science, & Computer Science. You'll receive training in psychology & neuroscience, esp. cognition, as well as computational approaches, including machine learning and neural networks. Our lab also provides training opportunities in a cornucopia of techniques and methods, including fMRI, psychophysics, real-time neuroimaging, and neurofeedback. Collaboration opportunities are also available within the department for students interested in EEG and AR/VR. We'll also help you build and hone other valuable and marketable skills, such as teaching, leadership, mentoring, project management, & scientific communication.

Your salary will afford you a good standard of living in an inexpensive city: ~$32.5k/yr (currently equiv. to ~120% NIH rate) or external/fellowship funding rate, whichever is higher. We also provide a single plan UR health insurance, full tuition scholarship, paid family leave, and enduring NY state social protections.

We believe that being a successful scientist requires not just dedication and supportive mentorship, but also a good work/life balance and the ability to explore one's passions both within and outside the lab. There are lots of ways to enjoy your time here: world-class symphony, great culture and food, exceptionally LGBTQIA+ friendly University and city, 20 min to a sandy beach, 1h to Finger Lakes / wine country / skiing, 2h to great hiking in the Adirondacks. We also have a balanced 4 season climate with weather for every occasion: Lilac Festival in the spring, beautiful sunny summers (<10 days above 90 degrees), gorgeous fall foliage, and snowy holidays in the winter.

If you have any questions, please reach out to mci (at) rochester (dot) edu.