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Ken Weiss of Jazzinside NY has written a very nice review of our JazzNights 36 concert with Helen Sung and Ron Carter. The review appears in the February issue and is available online as a free download at: http://jazzinsidemagazine.com/


Mait and Mary




JazzNights 43--Friday, February 4, 2011, 8 pm


Part 1 of our Rodriguez Brothers Festival

Robert and Michael Rodriguez


Part1: The Robert Rodriguez Trio


Robert Rodriguez (p), Josh Ginsburg (b), Eric Doob (d)


Josh Ginsburg and Eric Doob


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The Distant Past - The First 25 JazzNights - September, 2001-January, 2008

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The Less Distant Past - JazzNights 26--->

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In The Future - What's Coming Up On JazzNights:

Winter-Spring, 2011 The Rodriguez Brothers Festival - three concerts, separate and together, by Robert and Michael Rodriguez

Fall, 2011 Sean Smith Quartet, Craig Handy Trio


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Here are some Jazz sites we like:

all.about.jazz a good jazz website.

attictoys, another fine jazz site

Shanghai Jazz, in Madison NJ, a good jazz room with a helpful website. It's only a bit more than an hour from here.

WBGO, 88.3 FM, an excellent jazz radio station in Newark.


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