Submtting homework

When submitting your homework, you should submit both:

  1. R Markdown file
  2. knitted HTML file

If your homework does not knit, it is very hard for us to give you helpful feedback. When you commit your the html version of your homeowrk, RStudio may warn you about the size of it. However, you can ignore those warnings; we have not had problems with it in the past.

Before doing this you will need to:

1) fork the repository to your account. [GITHUB]


2) Clone the repository to your computer. [RSTUDIO and GITHUB]


3) Modify the files and commit changes to complete your solution. This is step where you actually do your homework! This one should be the hardest one :) [RSTUDIO]


4) Push the changes up to GitHub. [RSTUDIO]

5) Create a pull request on the original repository to turn in the assignment. [GITHUB]

All done!

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