Sociology 598: Advanced Social Network Analysis

Princeton University
Fall 2008
Wednesday: 11:00-11:50
Location: Wallace 165
Instructor: Matthew Salganik

This seminar will provide graduate students an introduction to social network analysis. It is meant to be taken as a supplement to Sociology 323: Social Networks. That is, in addition to the readings and assignments described here, students will be expected to do all the readings and attend all the lectures for Sociology 323.

Grades will be based on class participation, three short response papers (2-3 pages), and a final paper or project. The response papers should address the readings of the week and students should view them as a chance to play with the ideas in the readings: look for contradictions, establish connections to your own research, develop empirical tests, etc. The response papers should not be simple summaries of the readings. Students can choose the three weeks to which they would like to respond, and all papers should be sent to me by Tuesday at midnight on the day preceding the lecture.

1. Introduction and more on the small world problem

2. Random graphs to quantify local and global structure

3. The consequences of degree distributions for dynamics on networks

4. Other perspectives on search

5. Spread of disease in networks

6. Social contagion

7. Social networks and health

8. Sampling

9. Diffusion of innovations

10. Strength of weak ties

11. Structural holes, closure, and social capital

12. Interactions and digital traces