New ocean visualization August 2014

My movies section has just been updated to include my newest creation, this time ocean science related. The movie shows anthropogenic (human-made) CO2 concentrations in the worlds' oceans, dives into the deep of the Atlantic, and flies over the top of Mauna Loa to go and take a look at Antarctica.

Art of Science 2014 released July 2014

The pictures and videos of this year's Art of Science competition are online. My contribution is listed in the videos section, and can be watched there, in the 3D part of my movies section, or following the official Princeton Youtube channel here.

Princeton has also created a compilation of all winner movies 2014, which can be seen here.

Feature story on Princeton University's Home page June 2014

Today my visualizations make up the cover of Princeton University's website. Also included some of my pictures and movies. Go to the article here.

Version 1.1.1 of pv_atmos released June 2014

pv_atmos just got an update making it just as _ocean as it is _atmos! I have added an example for visualizing oceanic science problems. Check it out here.

Interview with The Research Bazaar June 2014

The guys from The Research Bazaar invited me for a small discussion about the recognition of programming skills in academia, based on my article about pv_atmos earlier this month. The 30 minute interview can be seen here.

Visualization paper published June 2014

My open source paper describing the the visualization routines I have developed for my 3D renderings has been published. It's open access, and includes detailed descriptions of how to make it work, where to get the code, and how to run the example files. Have a look.

Finalist for Princeton's Art of Science - again! April 2014

After winning last year's Art of Science competition, I will be among the finalists this year as well. This time, instead of a picture, I submitted a video. The winners will be announced at the opening ceremony on May 8th.