Martin Jucker


SNSF Postdoctoral Fellow
Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Princeton University



Keywords: Atmospheric dynamics, Stratosphere, General Circulation Models, Idealized Modeling, Flow-turbulence interaction, Visualization




First single-author paper submitted March 2014

I have submitted my first single-author paper to GRL. It is based on the work I presented at the SPARC conference in New Zealand, and persues the question of how the choice of specific detection criteria impacts the type of sudden warming that gets filtered out of a given dataset. Have a look.


Fusion paper published January 2014

Our paper about self-consistent simulations of heating the plasma in various fusion devices has been published in Fustion Science and Technology. You can read it here.


SPARC General Assembly 2014 January 2014

I set up a temporary page here for the SPARC General Assembly in Queenstown, NZ. Most importantly, you can find a 44-second teaser for my poster presentation, and a digital version of my poster (don't forget to wear 3D glasses).


New paper submittedDecember 2013

We have just submitted a paper about the occurrence rate of sudden stratospheric warmings. It gives an analytical form of our improved stratospheric Newtonian cooling term. Read it here.


JAS paper published November 2013

Our paper about the maintenance of the stratospheric structure in an idealized GCM has been published in Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, and can be found here.


Visualization appears in Popular Science Magazine October 2013

In the October issue of Popular Science, you can find my little visual work on page 30. I am who they refer to as "a scientist from Princeton University"...


JAS paper accepted June 2013

I am pleased to announce that our paper about the maintenance of the stratospheric structure in an idealized GCM has been accepted for publication in Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. Read the manuscript here.


FIRST PRIZE in Art of Science contest May 2013

My contribution has received the award of best picture, and the prize was presented by Pablo Debenedetti, Dean of Research. My thanks to the distinguished panel of judges: Katherine Bussard, Peter C. Bunnell curator of the Princeton Art Museum; David Dobkin, Dean of the Faculty; Emmet Gowin, Professor of Visual Arts, Emeritus; Paul Muldoon, Howard G.B. Clark '21 University Professor in the Humanities; and Shirley M. Tilghman, President. Visit the official Art of Science gallery.


New paper out May 2013

My latest co-authored paper about sawtooth control in ITER has been published online. Check it out.


American Institute of Physics Editor's Choice 2012May 2013

One of my co-authored articles made it into the Best Articles of the Year 2012 selection of Physics of Plasmas. More information here.


Art of Science 2013 May 2013

I made it into the official selection of Princeton University's Art of Science contest with this picture. The pictures will be up on their website by May 10th. Stay tuned.


3D: New addition to this site March 2013

I have made some efforts in HTML5, WebGL and JavaScript to include some of my 3D visualizations on this site. This is not in picture form as usual, but in a fun, hands-on way. I started off with just one comparison, between measurements and simulation, but there is more to come. Check it out!


New SNSF fellowship December 2012

The Swiss National Science Foundation just decided to award me with their Advanced Researcher's fellowship. Ranked highest of six levels, predicate "outstanding". Cheers!


New article submitted November 2012

We have just submitted our new article about the structure of the stratosphere in an idealized GCM with Newtonian cooling. Read it here.