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NY/NJ Consortium in the History of Modern Philosophy

The NY/NJ Consortium was founded to promote the study of the history of modern philosophy and to enhance communication and mutual cooperation between scholars of the history of philosophy within the greater New York City and New Jersey area. While there are no rigid boundaries on its interests, the Consortium’s main interest is in European philosophy and related disciplines (including science and theology) from the late sixteenth century to the nineteenth century.

This web site will list scholars at the principal institutions who are interested in modern philosophy, including both faculty and students. It will also list relevant seminars, conferences, reading groups, and lectures of interest in the NY/NJ area to historians of modern philosophy.

The information on this web site will be supplemented by information distributed through the Consortium listserve. Those interested in having their email addresses on the Consortium listserve should send an email to either Daniel Garber (dgarber@princeton.edu) or Juan Srodek (jsrodek@princeton.edu) .