Opinion Pieces and Selected Press Coverage
  • My CNN Opinion piece on experimental science and data in politics and public policy: "Pull Akin from House Science Committee". 8/23/12. (link)

  • My PBS "Need to Know" Opinion piece on Federal funding for IT Research. "IT research and the U.S. economy: A long view". 2/16/12. (link)

  • SignalGuru project: (Selected 2011-2012 coverage)
    • Time: "Traffic App by MIT and Princeton Could Change Driving Forever." (link)
    • NYTimes/GigaOm: "Research: Using Smartphones for Frugal Driving". (link)
    • CNET: "Dashboard Phones Track Traffic Light Wait Times". (link)
    • Slashdot: "SignalGuru Helps Drivers Avoid Red Lights". (link)

  • CNN Tech News article on ZebraNet project. "Endangered zebra life caught on GPS". 4/24/08. (link)

  • BBC Radio4 "Leading Edge" programme. "The ZebraNet". 12/5/02. (link)