A Note to Prospective Graduate Students 

Please read this note before contacting me about graduate school. It gives some specifics on our graduate admissions process. I am a faculty member in the Dept. of Computer Science at Princeton. As an associated faculty member in Electrical Engineering, I can also advise Ph.D. students from EE as well. Therefore, if you are interested in Princeton, I encourage you to apply to the department that best suits your background and that optimizes your chance for admission.

All applications for graduate admission are evaluated for admissions largely independent of the faculty the applicants have expressed an interest in working with.  Based on an absolute ranking, the top students are offered admission.  All students offered admission to the PhD program receive fellowship support for the first year, and with good progress, are also assured financial aid for subsequent years as well. Thus, individual faculty do not make private assurances of financial aid to applicants before admission. Please keep this in mind when contacting me regarding your interest in applying to Princeton.

I receive a large number of email messages from students expressing an interest in working with me. I unfortunately cannot respond to each of these individually. Believe it or not, I receive a large number of "Dear Sir" emails from people evidently unclear on gender; if you cannot do the research to figure out that Dear Sir is inappropriate for me, then I will be forced to infer a similarly-low effort level in your engineering research.

I will however, be more inclined respond to email messages from students who evidence a sincere interest in understanding my research before expressing a generic interest in working with me.

Good luck with your grad applications!

Margaret Martonosi