I am a postdoct at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, working primarily with Jon Cohen. Before, I did my Ph.D at the University of Michigan, working with Rick Lewis in Psychology and Satinder Singh in Computer Science, studying on eye movement control in reading. Before that, I was an RA for Colin Phillips at the University of Maryland Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab, and before that I managed a multimillion-dollar emerging-markets product for Gartner. I got my BA in Linguistics at Yale where I wrote my senior thesis with Maria Piñango trying to behaviorally test a subtle aspect of syntactic theory.

My primary scientific interest is in building a computationally precise theory of human behavior, testing it against human performance, and estimating models based on my theoretical work jointly from behavioral and neural data. My theoretical work seeks to uncover the goals and computational constraints of organisms by positing that they behave optimally with respect to some constraints and goals, and attempting to find the goals and constraints where that would be the case. Currently I mostly work on the millisecond-level timescale dynamics of decision making based on multiple stimuli.

My theoretical toolkit is focused on sequential sampling, random walk, Bayesian inference models, and computational linguistics. My methodological toolkit is focused around high performance computing for simulation and hierarchical probabilistic models for inference. My experimental toolkit is built around eye-tracking, and behavioral work in the lab and online, though I have done some EEG/MEG as well.

See my research page for more.