PHI524 Systematic Ethics: Themes from Copp, Sayre-McCord, and Wolf
Spring 2005
Course Materials

PHI524 Systematic Ethics: Themes from Copp, Sayre-McCord, and Wolf, focuses on the work of three contemporary philosophers: David Copp (University of Florida at Gainesville), Geoffrey Sayre-McCord (UNC Chapel Hill), and Susan Wolf (UNC Chapel Hill). An outline of the weekly reading can be downloaded by clicking here. The readings themselves can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Thursday 3 February 1:30-4:30
David Copp 'Milk, Honey, and the Good Life on Moral Twin Earth,' Synth_se (2000)
Terence Horgan and Mark Timmons 'Copping Out on Moral Twin Earth,' Synth_se (2000)

Thursday 10 February 1:30-4:30
David Copp 'Realist-Expressivism: A Neglected Option for Moral Realism,' Social Philosophy and Policy (2001)
Those who become interested in the topic of conventional implicature after reading Copp's paper might usefully read Kent Bach's paper on the topic which you can get to by clicking here.

Thursday 17 February 1:30-4:30
David Copp 'Moral Naturalism and Three Grades of Normativity,' in Schaber (ed.) Normativity and Naturalism (2004)
Note that the following password -- access -- is required to open this file once it is downloaded.

Thursday 24 February 1:30-4:30
David Copp will attend this week's seminar and participate in a discussion of his paper 'The Normativity of Self-Grounded Reason' Social Philosophy and Policy (forthcoming).
These are the footnotes to Copp's 'The Normativity of Self-Grounded Reason.'

Thursday 3 March 1:30-4:30
Geoffrey Sayre-McCord 'On Why Hume's General Point of View Isn't Ideal -- and Shouldn't Be,' Social Philosophy and Policy (1994)
Geoffrey Sayre-McCord 'Hume and the Bauhaus Theory of Ethics,' Midwest Studies in Philosophy (1996)

Thursday 10 March 1:30-4:30
Geoffrey Sayre-McCord 'Coherentist Epistemology and Moral Theory,' in Sinnott-Armstrong and Timmons (eds) Moral Knowledge? (1996)
Geoffrey Sayre-McCord 'Contractarianism' in LaFollette (ed.) Blackwell Guide to Ethical Theory (1999)>

Thursday 24 March 1:30-4:30
Geoffrey Sayre-McCord '"Good" on Twin Earth,' Philosophical Issues (1997)
Jaegwon Kim 'Natural Kinds and Moral Kinds: What's the Difference-for a Naturalist?' Philosophical Issues (1997)
Ernie Sosa 'Water, Drink, and 'Moral Kinds,' Philosophical Issues (1997)
Geoffrey Sayre-McCord 'Different Kinds of Kinds: A Reply to Kim and Sosa' Philosophical Issues (1997)

Thursday 31 March 1:30-4:30
Geoffrey Sayre-McCord will speak to his paper 'Rational Agency and Normative Concepts' which is to be read beforehand

Thursday 7 April 1:30-4:30
Susan Wolf 'Asymmetrical Freedom,' The Journal of Philosophy (1980)
Susan Wolf 'Sanity and the Metaphysics of Responsibility,' in Schoeman (ed.) Responsibility, Character, and the Emotions (1987)

Thursday 14 April 1:30-4:30
Susan Wolf 'Moral Saints,' The Journal of Philosophy (1982)
Susan Wolf 'Above and Below the Line of Duty,' Philosophical Topics (1986)

Thursday 21 April 1:30-4:30
Susan Wolf Susan Wolf 'Meaning and Morality,' Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (1997)
Susan Wolf 'Happiness and Meaning: Two Aspects of the Good Life,' Social Philosophy & Policy (1997)

Tuesday 26 April 7:00-9:50
Susan Wolf 'Moral Psychology and the Unity of the Virtues

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