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Princeton Physics Department Faculty Members and Albert Einstein
  Physics Department faculty and Albert Einstein. ca. 1930s-1940s. L to R: Howard Percy Robertson; Eugene P. Wigner; Hermann Weyl; Isidor Isaac Rabi; Albert Einstein; Rudolf Walter Ladenburg; J. Robert Oppenheimer. From the Campus Life Series of the Historical Photograph Collection.

Princeton University Faculty and Professional Staff Index, 1764-2006

This is the index for Faculty & Professional Research, Technical & Library Personnel files, 1764-2004. This database contains the name, death date, departure date, and department for Princeton University personnel. (Files for some trustees, administrators, and others may also be found.) Photograph availability for a faculty member can be found by using the individual division of the Historical Photograph Collection Database. Access to personnel files is governed by university policy.

This index contains over 38,000 entries for the files held by the University Archives. If a faculty or staff member is listed in this index, please contact us with your query.

The departmental codes used for this database include the standard academic department codes as well as others.

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