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Collections and Finding Aids

Seeley G. Mudd Gallery

Woodrow Wilson: A Guide

Selected Other Resources in the Princeton University Library System

Although the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library is the main repository for Wilsoniana, other sections of the Princeton University Library System, including the Manuscripts, Graphic Arts, and Rare Books Divisions of the Rare Books and Special Collections Department also hold pertinent materials.

Rare Books and Special Collections

The collections and parts of collections listed below include correspondence or documents to, from, or about Woodrow Wilson, as well as museum objects, visuals, and published sources about Wilson. For more particulars, please consult the Princeton University online catalog, Princeton University EAD Finding Aids website, the Visuals Database, or a reference librarian. Collections that have EAD finding aids available are linked within the list.

Manuscripts Division

  • Alexander Autograph Collection (C0202)
  • Sylvia Beach Papers (C0108)
  • Blair and Lee Family Papers (C0614)
  • Cameron Family Papers (C0355)
  • Andre De Coppet Collection (C0063)
  • Delafield Family Papers (C0391)
  • Frank N. Doubleday and Nelson Doubleday Collection (C0162)
  • Ford Family Papers (C0656)
  • Christian Gauss Papers (C0310)
  • General Manuscripts [Misc.] (C0140) Names listed below are folder titles.
    • Buchanan, Roberdeau
    • Clemons, Harry
    • Edwards, William Hanford
    • Finney, John M. T.
    • Hope, Walter Ewing
    • Jones, Leonard C.
    • Leach, Howard Seavoy
    • McAdoo, William G. (William Gibbs)
    • Philips, William B.
    • Wiggins, B. Lawton
    • Wilson, Woodrow (10 entries)
    • Woodrow Wilson Club of Pittsburgh
    • Woods, Lawrence C., Jr.
  • General Manuscripts [Bound] (C0199)
    • Series W, Box: Wilson, Woodrow; Folder: Addresses
    • Series W, Box: Wilson, Woodrow; Folder: Princeton in the Nation's Service (2 entries)
    • Series W, Box: Wilson, Woodrow; Folder: Press Release to Arm Merchant Shipping
    • Series W, Box: Wilson, Woodrow; Folder: License to Practice Law
  • George McLean Harper Papers (C0313)
  • Charles Homer Haskins Papers (C0702)
  • Archives of Henry Holt & Co. (C0100)
  • Selected Papers of Edward L. Howe (C0092)
  • Laurence Hutton Collection of Life and Death Masks (C0770)
  • Hyatt and Mayer Correspondence (C0076)
  • William Libbey Correspondence (C0872)
  • Walter Lowrie Papers (C0286)
  • Allan Marquand Papers (C0269)
  • Frank Jewett Mather Papers (C0025)
  • Alexander and Kenneth McKenzie Correspondence (C0206)
  • Lucius Hopkins Miller Correspondence (C0506)
  • Russell W. Moore Autograph Collection of Princetonians (C0017)
  • Harrison S. Morris Papers (C0003)
  • Museum Objects Collection (MOC01) listed under Author: Wilson, Woodrow
    • White silk handkerchief
    • Political puzzles
    • Campaign buttons
    • Silk handkerchief with flags
    • Plate
    • Silver trowel
    • Leather cigarette cases
    • Pince-nez eyeglasses
    • Usher's badge
    • Press card from Democratic National Convention 1912
    • Portrait on tile
    • Calling card plates
    • Copper advertisement plate
  • Osborn and Dodge Family Papers (C0537)
  • Charles Grosvenor Osgood Papers (C0540)
  • William Kelly Prentice Papers (C0811)
  • Robert Stockton Pyne Autograph Collection (C0335)
  • Philip Ashton Rollins Collection (WC001)
  • Henry Norris Russell Papers (C0045)
  • Archives of Charles Scribner's Sons (C0101)
  • Booth Tarkington Papers (C0062)
  • Vance Thompson Papers (C0224)
  • Willard Thorp Papers (C0292)
  • Henry van Dyke Family Papers (C0276)
  • Charles Richard Williams Papers (C0231)

Graphic Arts

  • American Prints Collection (GC024)
  • Princetoniana Collection (GC047)

Rare Books

Woodrow Wilson Collection (Location designator: WW; to browse books in this collection in the Princeton University online catalog , please use the Call Number Browse search option and search for "WW")

"About 1000 volumes. Evidently begun in 1924, as a memorial to Wilson after his death. For particulars refer to: Henry W. Bragdon, "The Woodrow Wilson Collection" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle VII, 1 (November, 1946) pp. 7-18. The collection includes all of Wilson 's major writings, a remarkably complete file of his magazine articles, reports of addresses, and printed public papers. All or nearly all biographies of him in English as well as a number of memoirs of men who knew him. Also a variety of books in which Wilson or the public problems with which he dealt figure prominently. According to the New York Times (29 December 1925, p. 4) the collection was "started by the library authorities shortly after Mr. Wilson's election as Governor of New Jersey ...." See also: Alexander P. Clark, "The Woodrow Wilson Collection. A Survey of Additions since 1945" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XVII, 3 (Spring, 1956) pp. 173-182. Important additions have been made in all categories: books, pamphlets relating to Wilson , as well as sheet music, campaign literature, cartoons, etc. About 250 Wilson items are described in the catalogue of an exhibition held in 1956: "Woodrow Wilson. Catalogue of an Exhibition in the Princeton University Library Commemorating the Centennial of his Birth" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XVII, 3 (Spring, 1956) pp. 113-162. A number of the books in the WW Collection came from the library of Ray Stannard Baker. The Baker papers [(MUDD) MC004] include personal papers of Baker and papers collected at the Peace Conference at Paris, 1918-1919, early printings of the Covenant and Treaty, as well as mimeographed reports, proceedings, and memoranda from the American Commission for Peace."

Searching for works on or about Wilson

Within the Princeton University online catalog, researchers can search for works authored by Wilson using " Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924" in the Author search; to search for works on Woodrow Wilson, please use the subject heading "Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924" in the Subject Heading Search.