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Admiral M.D. Willcutts Report on the Death of James V. Forrestal, 1949 

This page links to two text files in Adobe PDF format containing the 1949 report which investigated Forrestal's death, popularly called the "Willcutts Report" for Admiral M.D. Willcutts, the medical officer in command at Bethesda. The documents were procured by David Martin of Virginia via a Freedom of Information Act request in April 2004. Martin scanned the report and gave the PDF files to the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library in August 2004. Also included are scans of five photographs obtained and scanned by Martin.

First half of the Willcutts Report (15 MB)

Second half of the report (89 MB)

Photographs: Exhibit 2E, Exhibit 2F, Exhibit 2H Exhibit 2K Exhibit 2J