The George F. Kennan Centennial Conference

Friday, February 20, 2004


The following is new information regarding The George F. Kennan Centennial Conference to be held Friday, February 20, 2004.  Due to the overwhelming popularity of the conference, we have moved events to larger venues to accommodate the 600 conference participants.  The registration, lunch and dinner will be held at Dillon Gym and the Opening Address and afternoon panels will take place in Richardson Auditorium.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tara Zarillo, Assistant Director of Conference Services, at (609) 258-6117 or 





If you were notified that you were one of the first 250 conference registrants, you will receive tickets to the keynote address with Secretary of State Colin L. Powell.  You will receive your tickets upon check-in, and must present them along with a photo ID and conference name badge for entry to the event in Richardson


This opening address will take place in Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall.  Shuttle vans will be running from 7:15 to 9:00am to transport guests from parking lot #21 to check-in at Dillon Gym (see below).  Please be aware that security will be high at this event.  Only guests with tickets and photo IDs will be admitted.  Attendees will be required to undergo a metal detector screening and will not be permitted to bring in umbrellas, backpacks, cameras of any kind, recording devices, sharp objects, etc.  All purses will be thoroughly searched.  The doors at Richardson will open at 8:00am; all guests must be seated by 9:15am.


If you were not among the first 250 registrants, you may view a simulcast of Secretary Powell’s address in McCosh 10 or McCosh 50.





Upon arrival on campus, you should proceed directly to Dillon Gym to check in.  The registration desk will be located in the main lobby of Dillon Gym and will open at 7:30am, with continental breakfast.  At check-in you will receive your nametag(s), ticket(s) for the Powell event, and a copy of the conference schedule. 





If you are traveling to the conference by car, you may park for the day in Lot 21, located behind the stadium off of Faculty Road between Washington Road and Harrison Street.  (A campus map can be found at – ; there will also be signs on campus the day of the event to direct you to the lot).  You will not need any parking pass.  Once you park, you should board the conference shuttle and be driven to Dillon Gym.  Due to very limited parking at the University, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO DRIVE ONTO CAMPUS.




Conference check-in and meals will take place in Dillon Gym  and the opening address and afternoon panels in Richardson Auditorium .  On the day of the conference, directional signs will be posted around campus, but please also take a moment to locate these venues on the enclosed campus map if you are not familiar with the University.


-         Dillon Gym: Dillon Gym is located on Elm Drive near the center of campus.  It is just up from the Pagoda tennis courts.


-         Richardson Auditorium: Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall is located  between Nassau Hall and Holder Hall, on the north side of campus just off of Nassau Street.




The conference schedule is tentatively set as follows.  Any changes will be communicated at check-in, where updated schedules will be available.  The conference schedule is also available at


            7:30 AM          Welcome and Registration, with Continental Breakfast

                                    Dillon Gym, main lobby


            10:00 AM        Opening Address with Secretary of State Colin Powell

                                    Richardson Auditorium – for ticketed guests only


12:00 noon       Luncheon with Speaker and Video Presentation: “The Many-Faceted Figure of George F. Kennan,” with Richard K. Ullman, David K. E. Bruce Professor of International Affairs, Emeritus,

                                    Princeton University

                                    Dillon Gym – for ticketed guests only


            2:00 PM           Kennan and the Cold War, Presentations and Discussion

                                    (For complete listing of panelists see conference schedule link above.)

                                    Richardson Auditorium


            4:30 PM           The Future of American Diplomacy, Presentations and Discussion

                                    (For complete listing of panelists see conference schedule link above.)

                                    Richardson Auditorium


            6:00 PM           Dinner with Speaker: “George F. Kennan and American Grand

                                    Strategy: A Summing Up,” with John Lewis Gaddis, Robert A.

                                    Lovett Professor of History and Political Science, Yale University

                                    Dillon Gym – for ticketed guests only