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Senior Thesis 2013 Information

As announced in September 2012, the Mudd Manuscript Library requests that departments submit Class of 2013 senior theses in digital format (PDF files) rather than in unbound paper copies.

The primary purpose of this change is to improve access to the collection for undergraduates who use the theses (at a rate of about 1,000 per year) to explore topics, find sources and develop research methodologies for their own theses. More details can be found on our related blog post.

Information for Academic Departments

Below you will find information for academic departments regarding submission of senior theses to the Mudd Library.  Information will be updated throughout winter/spring 2013.

Recommendations for Collecting Senior Thesis PDFs from Students:

You are free to collect PDFs from students in whichever manner you choose; however, here are a few ideas that might be helpful:

  • Collect PDFs from students by email. Create a dedicated folder in your Inbox to store them. 

  • If you are expecting to receive a large number of emails submissions, you may want to set up a “Rule” in Outlook whereby all emails with a specific set of text in the subject line (e.g. Senior Thesis Submission) will automatically funnel into a dedicated folder in your Inbox as they arrive.  This will reduce clutter in your Inbox, and store the emails in a single location.

  • Ask students to name their PDF files in a standard format: last name_first name; e.g. “smith_jane.pdf”. This naming convention will be helpful for locating names within the folder, and for alphabetizing the list of PDFs in the folder stored on your computer.

Please note: PDFs will eventually need to be saved in a folder on your computer (Desktop or in My Documents) for uploading to DataSpace.

If you have questions about these or other options for collection senior thesis PDFs, please contact Dan Santamaria (; 8-5161).

Training Sessions for Uploading and Entering Data in DataSpace

The training sessions for uploading 2013 theses to DataSpace have been completed. Please see the links to written instructions and and video instructions below, or contact Dan Santamaria ( or Lynn Durgin ( with your questions.

Instructions for Submitting Senior Theses to DataSpace

Submitting a Senior Thesis with a Single PDF File

The following video demonstrates the process for submitting a senior thesis to the DataSpace repository. In this demonstration, only the PDF of the thesis itself is submitted. The video is best viewed in full-screen mode by clicking on the square icon in the lower right of the player.

Submitting a Senior Thesis with a PDF with Additional Supporting Files

This video demonstrates the process of submitting a senior thesis that has more than one file associated with it: the PDF of the thesis and a file containing other supporting data. The video is best viewed in full-screen mode by clicking on the square icon in the lower right of the player.


  • Please send the netid of the individual in your department that will be submitting the theses to DataSpace to Lynn Durgin ( by February 7, 2013

  • Please complete your submission of theses in DataSpace by July 15, 2013.  Please send an email to Lynn Durgin ( when you have completed your thesis uploading. 

Access to Senior Theses

University policy, as outlined in the Undergraduate Announcement under "Independent Work," provides that each student must deposit an electronic copy (PDF) of their senior thesis with the University Archives to be preserved and made accessible to researchers. The thesis will be accessible from any computer on the Princeton University network via Princeton's digital repository DataSpace. Exceptions to this policy must be approved through the Dean of the College.

Class of 2013 senior theses will be available on DataSpace on October 1, 2013.