Additional velocity profiles obtained in the Superpipe facility are now available on this website. These profiles were obtained using Nano-Scale Thermal Anemometry Probes (NSTAP), as reported by [1] Hultmark et al. PRL (2012) and [2] Hultmark et al. JFM (2013).

There are profiles at a total of 8 Reynolds numbers in the range 81 x 10^3 to 6 x 10^6, measured with two different NSTAPs (60 um and 30 um) and in two different pipe roughness, totally 9 smooth cases and 4 rough cases.

The sensors are described in [3] Vallikivi et al. (2011) and [4] Bailey et al. (2010). For a complete description of the Superpipe facility, see [5] Zagarola et al. JFM (1998) and [6] Zagarola (1996). Recently [7] Rosenberg et al. (2013) has also analyzed the spectra of this data.

Please click on the links given below to obtain the ZIP file containing the data files (.txt) for each Reynolds number. Two sets of data are given - 'Smooth pipe' and 'Rough pipe' - both described in [2], and the Cases are numbered according to Table 1 in [2]. A 'Statistics' file for every Case includes wall normal distance 'y', wall distance in viscous units 'y_plus', mean velocity in viscous units 'U_plus' and streamwise Reynolds stress 'u2_plus' also normalized by the friction velocity. All relevant flow properties are given in the 'Properties' file.

  • Smooth pipe

  • Rough pipe

  • A spatial filtering correction has been applied to the variances, following [8] Smits et al. (2011).

    For more details please contact A. J. Smits or M. Vallikivi

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