Applied Theory Working Group

The applied theory reading group is organized by Sylvain Chassang and meets every Wednesday. Post-generals students take turn to present research papers of interest.

The following is a list of papers presented in 2013, with links to summaries of papers I presented. The summaries sometimes contain details of the discussion that took place or a short proof of an original result. I've also attached some comments on papers other students presented.

  • Carroll (2012) - Robustness and Linear Contracts
  • Spiegler (2013) - Placebo Reforms
  • Attar, Mariotti and Salanié (2011) - Nonexclusive Competition in the Market for Lemons
  • Hendren (2013) - Private Information and Insurance Rejections
  • Epstein and Seo (2011) - Bayesian Inference and Non-Bayesian Prediction and Choice
  • Iaryczower and Shum (2012) - The Value of Information in the Court: Get it Right, Keep it Tight
  • Hu and Shum (2012) - Nonparametric Identification of Dynamic Models with Unobserved State Variables
  • Survey of Evidence for Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in Insurance Markets
    • Chiappori and Salanié (2013) - Asymmetric Information in Insurance Markets: Predictions and Tests
    • Aron-Dine, Einav, Finkelstein and Cullen (2012) - Moral hazard in health insurance: How important is forward looking behavior?
    • Einav, Finkelstein and Levin (2010) - Beyond Testing: Empirical Models of Insurance Markets
  • Varas (2013) - Trading Dynamics in the Market for Lemons
  • Hatfield and Milgrom (2005) - Matching with Contracts
  • Fershtman and Pakes (2012) - Dynamic Games with Asymmetric Information: A Framework for Empirical Work
  • Ahn and Oliveros (2012) - Combinatorial Voting