Using MATLAB to Analyze and Design Control Systems

N.E. Leonard and W.S. Levine

Addison Wesley*Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Co., Redwood City, CA, 1992, 2nd edition, 1995.
ISBN 0-8053-2193-4. Call 800-552-2499 to order or send e-mail to

From the back cover of the 2nd edition:

Now your students can learn MATLAB 4.2, a remarkable time-saving tool for anyone who studies or designs control systems. Through extensive interactive examples and exercises that demonstrate MATLAB fundamentals and its plotting capabilities, students quickly learn how to use the software to perform calculations and generate graphs essential to control system analysis and design. The manual includes an introduction to SIMULINK software and Handle Graphics. With SIMULINK, students can use block diagrams to simulate linear and nonlinear systems and display the results. Handle Graphics is MATLAB's tool for customizing graphics.

Using MATLAB follows the organization of Norman S. Nise's Control System Engineering, Second Edition and is an ideal supplement to the text. This manual can also be used alone as an independent guide to MATLAB for student and professionals, or with other control systems texts.

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