Underwater Gliders: Recent Developments and Future Applications

R. Bachmayer, N.E. Leonard, J. Graver, E. Fiorelli, P. Bhatta, D. Paley

Proc. IEEE International Symposium on Underwater Technology (UT'04), Tapei, Taiwan, 2004
Autonomous underwater vehicles, and in particular autonomous underwater gliders, represent a rapidly maturing technology with a large cost-saving potential over current ocean sampling technologies for sustained (month at a time) real-time measurements. In this paper we give an overview of the main building blocks of an underwater glider system for propulsion, control, communication and sensing. A typical glider operation, consisting of deployment, planning, monitoring and recovery will be described using the 2003 AOSN-II field experiment in Monterey Bay, California. We briefly describe recent developments at NRC-IOT, in particular the development of a laboratory-scale glider for dynamics and control research and the concept of a regional ocean observation system using underwater gliders.

(6 pages pdf)
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