Underwater Glider Model Parameter Identification

Joshua G. Graver, Ralf Bachmayer, Naomi Ehrich Leonard and David M. Fratantoni

Proceedings 13th International Symposium on Unmanned Untethered Submersible Technology, Durham NH, 2003.
An underwater glider is a buoyancy-propelled, fixed-wing vehicle with attitude controlled completely, or in part, by means of internal mass redistribution. We have developed a physics-based nonlinear model of the dynamics of an underwater glider and adapted it to model the SLOCUM glider's geometry, rudder, ballast pump and internal movable mass. In this paper we identify the model parameters to match the steady glides in new flight test data from the SLOCUM glider. In the process we also estimate the buoyancy trim offset of the glider used in the flight tests.

(12 pages pdf)
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