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JUNE 2014

Congratulations to Priscella Chan ’14 and Amy Sun ’14 on their undergraduate graduation from Princeton! The Basta Lab has benefited from your many contributions and we wish you both all the best in the future.

Dan Paolillo ’15 and Angelica Chen ’17 began their summer research in collaboration with Helene Broutin at Institut de recherche pour le développement in Montpellier, France. Dan will be working on pertussis for his EEB senior thesis and Angelica will be working on meningitis for her Global Health and Health Policy Internship.

MAY 2014

Nicole was selected to attend the Advanced Course of Vaccinology Organized by Fondation Mérieux and Université de Genève, at Les Pensières, Veyrier-du-Lac, France.

Nicole launched the second phase of the MenAfriVac Antibody Persistence Study (MAP 02) in collaboration with the Center for Vaccine Development-Mali. This longitudinal, household-based age-stratified cohort study investigates changes in individual and population-level immunity in Bamako, Mali.

APRIL 2014

Congratulations to Priscella Chan ’14 on submitting her senior thesis entitled “Environmental Covariates Associated with Meningococcal Meningitis”.

Nicole led a study of the immune response to the meningococcal B vaccination campaign at Princeton University. Over a 6-day period, over 600 students were enrolled in the study and provided blood samples. This enormous undertaking that brought together many partners in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Department of Molecular Biology (Ploss Lab), University Health Services and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. The study was funded by the Program on U.S. Health Policy in the Center for Health and Wellbeing at the Woodrow Wilson School.

Welcome to Angelica Chen ’17 who has joined the Basta Lab as a research assistant!

Nicole presented a guest lecture on Influenza Epidemiology in Noreen Goldman’s Epidemiology course at Princeton.

MARCH 2014

Nicole attended the International Congress of Infectious Disease in Cape Town, South Africa.

Nicole was invited to present a seminar on “Infectious Disease Epidemiology in the 21st Century: A New Era for Vaccines” at Buena Vista University.


Nicole was a panelist for the Princeton University Careers in Global Health Discussion.

Nicole was awarded a grant from the Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School Center for Health and Wellbeing Program on US Health Policy to investigate the impact of the introduction of the Meningococcal B vaccine on campus.

Nicole presented on the “Impact of Meningococcal Vaccines in Mali” at the Office of Population Research Seminar at Princeton University.

Bon voyage to research assistants Michelangelo Ball Van Zee ’15 and Jon Choi ’15 who have departed for the Princeton EEB Semester in Panama. The Basta Lab thanks you for your efforts!


Nicole co-hosted the NIH RAPIDD Workshop on “Next Generation Modeling: Climate, Weather and Infectious Disease” with Jeff Shaman and Elena Shevliakova. The workshop brought together climate scientists and infectious disease epidemiologists to discuss priorities at the interface of climate and health at Princeton University.


Nicole led an Epidemiological Methods training seminar at the Center for Vaccine Development-Mali.

Nicole and Sophia traveled to Bamako, Mali, to meet with collaborators at the Center for Vaccine Development-Mali.


Nicole gave a guest lecture in EEB 211 on Evolutionary Medicine.

Nicole presented at the Princeton Health Grand Challenges Mini-Symposium.

Nicole attended the NIH High Risk-High Reward Symposium.


Welcome to Jon Choi ’15, Sarah Hanna ’15, Michelangelo Ball Van Zee ’15, and Amy Sun’14 who have joined the Basta Lab as research assistants!

Nicole gave a guest lecture in EEB 211 on antibiotic resistance.

Sophia presented in Disease Group.


Our paper on methods for identifying meningococcal carriers was accepted at PLoS One!

JULY 2013

Sophia attended the Summer Institute in Statistics and Modeling in Infectious Diseases at the University of Washington.

Nicole taught three modules at the University of Geneva Global Health and Human Rights Summer School.

The Basta Lab’s research in Mali was featured in the Summer 2013 edition of the Gates Cambridge Alumni Magazine.

JUNE 2013

Welcome to Sophia Ng who has joined the Basta Lab as a Post-Doc!

Welcome to Priscella Chan who has joined the Basta Lab to work on her senior thesis!

Nicole presented at the 3rd Annual Multidisciplinary Approach for Meningitis Epidemiology and Modeling in Africa MAMEMA meeting at the Institut Pasteur in Paris.

MAY 2013

Nicole attended the 11th annual Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID) conference at Penn State.

MARCH 2013

Nicole was awarded a Princeton University Health Grand Challenges Grant along with co-investigators Elena Shevliakova, Paul Ginoux, Steve Pacala, and Ram Ramaswamy to develop statistical models to predict meningitis outbreaks in Africa.


We completed enrollment and data collection for the first phase of our MenAfriVac Antibody Persistence (MAP) Study; analyses are underway. 

Nicole attended the Yale University Forum on the Integration of Climate Science and Infectious Disease Research.

Nicole attended the RAPIDD/EPI workshop on phylogenetics and transmission dynamics at the University of Florida.


Nicole’s MenAfriVac Antibody Persistence (MAP) Study began enrolling participants in Bamako in collaboration with the Center for Vaccine Development-Mali.

Nicole attended the 2nd Annual NIH Director’s Early Independence Award Symposium on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland.


Nicole attended the 18th International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference in Würzburg, Germany.

Nicole began co-teaching the Friday Design Labs for EEB 211 at Princeton University.


Nicole and Jennie Lavine co-organized a RAPIDD workshop entitled “Understanding, Evaluating, and Modeling Imperfectly Immunizing Vaccines” in Dearborn, Michigan.

Nicole’s blog post about the impact of MenAfriVac on meningitis in Mali was featured on the Gates Cambridge website and the Huffington Post Blog and can be read here.

JUNE 2012

Nicole attended the 15th International Congress on Infectious Diseases in Bangkok, Thailand

MAY 2012

Nicole attended the 10th Annual Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

APRIL 2012

Nicole attended the 2nd Annual Multidisciplinary Approach for Meningitis Epidemiology and Modeling in Africa (MAMEMA) Meeting in Montpellier, France.


Nicole attended the Annual RAPIDD Convocation at the Fogarty International Center on the NIH Campus in Bethesda, Maryland.


Nicole earned her PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Washington School of Public Health.


Nicole was selected for the NIH Director’s Early Independence Award. This award recognizes exceptional junior researchers “who have the intellect, scientific creativity, drive, and maturity to flourish independently” immediately following completion of the Ph.D. With the support of this five-year, $1.25 million grant, Nicole is assessing individual and population-level immunity to a newly developed conjugate meningococcal meningitis vaccine in Mali.

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